What Lens Engine offers

Lens Engine is a live view muti-lens, multi-filter photo based app, designed to give your creativity and imagery the freedom to reach new heights.
Optimized for the hobbyist to the professional. Lens Engine has been created by professional photographers, looking for some other image making options that are missing in the app market.
With all the combinations of lens variations, Color, and Black and White filters the user has endless possibilities to create their unique vision.

Lens Engine
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Custom Lenses Included:
Prism- Glasslike multiple images of the subject, 7 variants
Beauty- Soft Focus glamour lenses and subtle color shifts, 10 variants
Pinhole- Emulating classic old pinhole cameras shallow depth of field and vignetting, 10 variants
Morph- Custom distortion of the lens by the user- in radial and linear format. Ability to create your own funhouse or specialty lens.
Mirror- Duplicating, flipping and adding multiples of the same image 10 variants

Ghost Lens- Delayed shutter and capture, creating tracers and multiples of the subject matter. User controls amount of capture and duration of the delay. Double exposure when used with a gallery image.

36 Customizable Filters
A range of vibrant color and vintage looks.

Post image editing adjustments
-Black and white conversion
-Tilt Shift

Phone Versions. 6-X